What does it take to design a life size banner and how to do it?

Life size posters and banners boldly display messages, images or other information to a targeted audience. These full-size posters are usually temporary or permanent; they are strategically positioned in places where the banners can be clearly seen.

To achieve your goals, it is important that you clearly identify the purpose for designing the custom giant posters. Life size banners can be used in many ways, for example, you can use these full size posters to improve your marketing campaign. They are also used by party planners during celebrations and events, these posters can also be used to propagate an announcement to the public.

Features of life size posters

You have many options to choose from when deciding the type of life size banners you need. Overall, your choice will depend on how the banner will be used, location, and the duration of use. Some features of these custom giant posters are as follows;

  • Full size specifications to match your project
  • Attachments and clips to mount the posters on walls or platforms
  • Retractable mechanisms for easy usage and storage
  • High-quality, full-color printing
  • High resolution
  • Different digital formats

Who needs these banners?

Banners can be made in different sizes to meet the needs of the customers. However, the life size banners are commonly demanded by professionals such as interior decorators, graphic designers, party planners, print brokers, and many others. These professionals use life size banners for the following purposes banner stands, retail signs, window signs, and other commercial uses.

Points to note when designing a life size banner

The essence of a life size banner is the communication directed at a particular audience. It is therefore important to keep the audience in mind while creating these banners. The option of custom giant posters makes it possible for clients to choose features that can attract and communicate their messages effectively.

Some points that should be considered when creating life size banners are as follows;


Some banners feature text which communicates the clients’ message to everyone who sees the banner. It is therefore important to use well-defined fonts to ensure legibility and comprehension. The choice of fonts may also depend on other features of your life size banner such as the images and colors.


Banners that feature images have to be carefully created to ensure the images have an acceptable resolution. The resolution will prevent any form of blur and make it easy for people to view the message from a distance.


The color theme chosen for a banner will also determine how visible and attractive the life size banner is to catch the audience’s attention. The colors chosen for a banner will improve the visibility of the fonts (if any) because it forms the background on the banner.


There are so many types of effects that can be used to increase the aesthetic appeal of life size banners. There should be a balance when effects are used for these banners to avoid ruining the job. This is why life size banners should only be designed and created by experienced artists.

To design a banner, you need excellent digital editing and printing tools and equipment. There are so many applications that can also be used depending on the type of custom giant poster you are designing. For example, some jobs will require the use of applications such as Photoshop, image conversion tools, illustrator, and Corel draw among other applications.

To get started you will need the client’s file for the job. This file can be sent via email, or copied on CDs, and DVDs. In situations where you need to scan the file content, it is important to ensure the scanned copy is excellent, and without darkened or obscured areas.

Choosing the best file format

To get it right, you need to use the more appropriate file format when designing your life size banner. For example, if you wish to create a vector illustration and you use a file format with high resolution, the outcome may not be what you wanted. Using wrong file formats can also lead to loss of details that can ruin the entire job. Fortunately, there are tools that can be used to convert files after receiving it from your client. Using the right file format also ensures the printed quality of your job is excellent.

The best image for your banner

Depending on your clients brief, you can choose to use either the vector image or raster image to get the right design.

Vector images

Vector images are very popular and commonly used for life size banners. They have a simple yet appealing design features. The distinctive features of vector images are curves, circles, boxes, and text which form the image on your banner. Vector images are also highly detailed and can be used for a wide range of life size banners regardless of the size or color.

Raster images

Raster images are created using suitable imaging software. Raster images have a resolution which determines how the printed life size banner will look finally. Before designing your banner using the raster images, it is important first to set the right resolution. Many imaging software will allow you to perform this function easily. Designing banners with the right resolution ensure the details are preserved and featured in the final print.

Large format printing

When creating designs for custom giant posters, you will need to print in the following large formats. We have the following categories; 300dpi, 600dpi and the 1,200 dpi. The 300dpi is mostly used because of the clarity and its versatility.

Selecting the output quality

One of the reasons only experienced artists and designers should handle your life size printing job is they can easily determine the right settings to get an outstanding output quality. With the right settings, you can avoid experiencing blur in the print while creating the design.

Check the margin space

Margin space refers to the space between the design for your life size banner and the borders of the material on which you want to print. Using a proper margin space will leave room for adjustments and final changes if needed.

In conclusion, depending on the life size banner you wish to create, there are specific digital tools you need. With these tools, you can create the best designs by adhering to the aspects discussed in this article.

 It also takes expertise to achieve the best output quality. To get an idea what a perfect job looks like, visit our website. You can also contact our customer service staff to ask questions or get guidance regarding your project.

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